Day 8 Staffing Solutions and Northwest Center Are Working Toward a Sustainable World: A Mission and Businesses for People and Planet

Sustainability is at the heart Day 8 Staffing Solutions and its parent nonprofit Northwest Center, who we are, what we do, and our work toward an inclusive and sustainable world. From the beginning, people and planet have defined our mission and our Social Enterprise businesses.

Integrating Sustainability Across Day 8 Staffing Solutions and Northwest Center

As Northwest Center grew it integrated sustainability into the five pillars that now define it: our people, partnerships, operations, governance, and impact in communities. Our commitment is captured in our ten sustainability goals:   

  1. Create a more equitable world by working to eliminate ableism and create equity for people with disabilities
  2. Advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 
  3. Advocate for our mission at all levels of government and in communities  
  4. Evaluate environmental elements of our businesses and move toward sustainable consumption and production 
  5. Maintain a culture of continuous improvement and growth  
  6. Ensure Northwest Center complies with environmental policies and creates best practices that go beyond policies 
  7. Work with suppliers to adopt Northwest Center’s sustainability policy  
  8. Educate staff about the sustainability policy and encourage adoption of its ideas and spirit 
  9. Ensure sustainability goals are documented in strategic plans and implemented, reviewed, and improved 
  10. Establish accountability through the Board, which provides oversight and governs the execution of Northwest Center, including our commitment to sustainability 

Climate action is an ongoing journey. We continually evaluate environmental impacts of our businesses and are moving toward more sustainable consumption and production. The organization is committed to partnering with clients to grow together and reach goals that produce measurable progress for the planet. This reflects the dynamic approach Day 8 and Northwest Center take to client work that responds to changing needs, new ideas, and shifting objectives.

Working with employees, clients, communities, customers, policymakers, and suppliers we are committed to achieving our sustainability goals and vision of an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.

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