What’s our secret to offering the best teams and services?

It’s no secret. We invest in our people, deliver the highest level of customer service, exceed agreements and expectations, and above all, embed our staff, teams, and processes within a client’s culture.

We integrate into your business, freeing you from tasks, roles, and management needed to run your customer-facing functions.

Proven Expertise

With more than two decades of experience staffing diverse roles, we bring unparalleled expertise to your reception and customer-facing workforce needs.

Inclusive Workforce

Our commitment to inclusion ensures a diverse and dynamic work environment that enriches your company’s culture.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is at the heart of Northwest Center, who we are, what we do, and our work toward an inclusive and sustainable world. From the beginning, people and planet have defined our mission and our social enterprise businesses. Our practices also help reduce turnover and develop talented candidates for roles with our customers.

Diversity Focused and Equity-Centric

Equitable practices and outcomes are at the heart of every staffing solution we deliver.

Our Services

Two receptionists sitting at desks wearing headsets while working at computers
Reception & Customer Service Contracted Staffing

We take care of recruiting, outsourcing, hiring, developing, and managing contracted teams, so you can focus on running your business.

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Call Center Management & Contracted Staffing

We train each member of our call center staff to work seamlessly with your operation. The result is a call center that responds skillfully and professionally.

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Customer Experiences Management

We manage staffing for concierge services, employee and guest resources, customer-facing positions, spaces, and community-facing services, including pop-up shops, vending carts, company events, and tours.

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Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities – Accessibility Partners Service

Specialized Support so all your employees, with and without disabilities, can do their best work. We offer accommodation, services, and support for employees with disabilities. We also identify barriers in the workplace, and provide on-site and virtual accommodation for company processes, tools, and buildings.

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Training & Consulting for Inclusive Workplaces

We work with businesses to develop cultures of accommodation, training managers and executives to create inclusive workplaces for people with and without disabilities.

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Delivering Flawless Experiences for Your Customers and Employees

Who we work with

  • Realtors, property managers, facility managers and their clients
  • Your customers
  • Your employees, such as human resources and operations staff. Whether we are working directly with a client or a vendor that manages facility and front-end experiences, we are an engaged partner that works across diverse teams within your organization to ensure transparent and consistent communication, reporting, and alignment.

Meticulous and proactive problem solving 

  • We take a programmatic approach to solving problems and deliver customized solutions. We remain within our scope and can expand as needed. We adapt to your needs. Our goal is to understand your operations so we can proactively solve problems and improve processes. 

We have dedicated audit teams

  • We take customer care to the next level. We partner with facility managers and other vendors to audit and communicate how staffing services, teams, and customer service experiences are meeting client standards. We are a collaborative and informed partner. That means we develop, share, and track KPIs. We also perform ongoing assessments to ensure our teams are operating at maximum efficiency and profitability. We also make sure our employees are happy, healthy, and engaged.

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