Accommodations (Accessibility Partners)

We build and support truly inclusive workplaces and businesses, offering accessibility solutions for blind and low-vision employees.

Our Accessibility Partners Service enables employees with disabilities to navigate inaccessible elements of physical and digital workspaces by pairing an employee with an Accessibility Partner (AP).

We provide blind and low-vision employees with customized support in the workplace. Our services remove digital and physical barriers to make meetings, events, data, and documents more accessible for low-vision and blind employees. All employees can use our Help Desk to make documents, events, and other work more accessible.

We Support Employees with Your Systems

We support employees your way, using your technology and internal systems. By providing remote and virtual services over your secure video networks, for example, we keep services confidential and secure.

Accessibility Partners perform a wide range of duties, including physical navigation, translation of documents with accessible technology, live visual translation, and note-taking during meetings.

Our Accommodation Services for Employees with Disabilities

Visual Assistance Help Desk

Our partners are experts in accessibility, trained to meet the diverse needs of blind, low-vision, and other employees who need visual assistance. Today, many documents are not accessible. All your employees and teams can use our Help Desk to make documents, events, and other work more accessible. The Help Desk, for example, can provide sighted-guide services at events and convert presentations into accessible formats.

Visual Experience Support

Accessibility Partners can deliver real-time visual interpretation. This means they provide customized support that interprets visual information at events and meetings as they happen, converting information into accessible formats. For example, they can provide audio descriptions of visual presentations.

Full-Time Support

For employees who need one-to-one visual accessibility support, we provide personalized full-time assistance, with workplace accommodation plans. We offer in-person, remote, and hybrid support.

Dynamic Solutions

We provide customized and dynamic support that changes with your career. We use current and emerging inclusive practices to communicate visual information, from interpreting complex data to integrating assistive technologies into an employee's workflow. We help you create a truly inclusive workplace and business, empowering employees to focus on their work, not barriers.


“Day 8 has transformed our reception experience. Their staff is not only professional but also brings a level of warmth and inclusivity that resonates with our brand values.”

— Jane Doe, Fortune 500 Company

Frequently asked questions

Do Accessibility Partners do an employee’s work?

An Accessibility Partner (AP) does not perform any of a client’s essential functions. They are, however, key to a client’s success. A Partner addresses barriers in tools and platforms, meetings, and other settings.

Do Accessibility Partners work with our systems?

An Accessibility Partner is a contractor, employed and managed by Day 8. They are part of our team of Partners, committed to sharing knowledge and best practices.

What are examples of barriers employees face?

Disabilities are diverse and unique to an individual. Barriers include non-inclusive communication, technology, processes, and environments that inhibit employees and force them to spend time navigating barriers, instead of focusing on their jobs. Our Accessibilities Partners remove and mitigate barriers by: Working one-on-one with a client to provide sighted guidance for daily work Clearly and professionally communicate visual cues from in-person interactions and render visual descriptions to the employee Create and reformat documents into accessible formats Maintain and support electronic document filing systems Support daily tasks, such as note-taking, inaccessible administrative work, and in-person or virtual presentations Proactively anticipate and address barriers, reprioritizing tasks based on the needs of a client Provide sighted guidance support in a client’s workspaces and other areas, such as conference rooms and streetcorners, and with guidance dogs and assistive technologies

How do Accessibility Partners and employees with disabilities work together?

An Accessibility Partner and employee collaborate to identify barriers that prevent or impede the employee from performing essential functions. A Partner works virtually or in-person with a client in live sessions or asynchronously to remove or mitigate barriers.

Can other members of an employee’s team assign work to an Accessibility Partner?

An Accessibility Partner is a resource for the employee. Managers and team members should not assign any work to an AP.

What work settings or situations do AP’s work in?

Managers and team members should expect APs to be present at meetings with the employee, virtually or in-person. Partners undergo background checks by Day 8 and our customers and receive all clearances needed to work with the employee.

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