Customer Experiences Management

Managed Services for Your Customers, Employees, and Guests

Workplace experiences are at the heart of your company’s culture. That’s why Day 8 Office & Staffing Services teams gain a deep understanding of your company’s values, standards, and operations. We work with you to identify and customize workplace experience services that integrate seamlessly into your organization, so you can focus on your core business.

Our managed Workplace Experience Services include:

Staffing Community-Facing Services, Spaces, and Events

Facility Tours Docent Services Pop-Up Event and Retail Spaces Vendor Carts

Managing and Distributing Supplies

Planning and Operating Custom Experiences

Pets at Work Art Installations

Leading Light Office Support

Communications and Copy Center Support Facility Signage

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Auditing Facilities Standards

Day 8 partners with facility managers and other vendors to provide regular audits of our customers’ facilities. This ensures offices meet the standards needed to provide secure, sustainable, and efficient work environments that best support employees. Our services include:

  • Supporting facility managers with monthly audits of physical spaces, structures, and equipment
  • Conducting specialized auditing, including of space utilization and supplies
  • Preparing monthly audit reports

Managing Supplies

We partner with a vendor to operate communication centers within our customer’s offices. Our services include:

  • Hiring and managing teams to staff communication centers
  • Working with a leading office and technology supply retailer to stock supplies
  • Auditing inventory
  • Working with employees to ensure they have the office and technology supplies they need

Docents and Tour Guides

We can hire, train, and manage staff for any business space open to the public or customers, such as gallery and historic spaces. Our Docents and Tour Guides provide friendly, knowledgeable, and professional services, including:

  • Visitor check-ins
  • Tours and information 
  • Visitor metrics and customer feedback
  • Management of employee trainings

Concierge Services

Our Concierge Teams manage a range of services, including:

  • Office moves 
  • Meeting space management and scheduling
  • Information sharing with employees, including updating and posting information in shared workspaces about company policies, news, and events

Staffing and Managing Community-Facing Services, Spaces, and Events

How you engage with your community is as unique as your business. Trust Day 8 to represent you confidently and authentically. Since 2015, some of the world’s largest companies have trusted us and our customer-focused approach.

All our staffing, management, and support services for community-facing spaces and events start with you. We take time to understand your culture, operations, and brand, so we can authentically engage with your community. Whether we are distributing free samples to the public or checking in guests, you can rely on our team to provide friendly interactions and accurate information.

Talk with us about how we can support you. Here are just some of the Community Ambassador services we provide:

Vendor Carts

  • Staffing
  • Stocking
  • Management

Public Event & Pop-Up Spaces

  • Staffing
  • Visitor Greeting & Check-in
  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Stocking Food, Utensil & Condiment Stations

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“Day 8 has transformed our reception experience. Their staff is not only professional but also brings a level of warmth and inclusivity that resonates with our brand values.”

— Jane Doe, Fortune 500 Company

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