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Disability Inclusion and Anti-Ableism in the Workplace

The modern workplace was not designed to be accommodating and inclusive of employees with disabilities. This means:

  • Talented individuals with disabilities do not have equitable access to employment
  • Employers cannot attract, retain, or develop up to a quarter of today’s potential workforce
  • Employees with disabilities cannot do their best work

Day8 supports your journey to become an inclusive employer that attracts, retains, and develops top talent in a workplace where all employees can excel. A workplace where:

  • Talented individuals enjoy equal access to employment
  • Employers are better able to attract, retain, and develop employees representing a quarter of the potential workforce – people with disabilities
  • Employees with disabilities can do their best work with flexibility and accommodation
  • Employees are more satisfied, engaged and effective, leading to higher quality work

More Than Staffing Solutions

Day8 can make your workplace and teams more inclusive. We can establish goals, provide training and consulting, and support employee accommodations, from talent acquisition and hiring to human resources and professional development.

We Help You Unlock Talent

Empower employers to create anti-ableist workplaces, where all employees can do their best work.

Why Inclusion Matters

In an inclusive and anti-ableist workplace employees and potential employees, with and without disabilities, have equal access to opportunity, advancement, and fulfillment.

Our services deliver:

  • A more diverse workforce with a greater representation of employees with disabilities
  • Short-term goals and long-term strategies for inclusive workforces 
  • Robust training on disability inclusion, customized to roles and business functions 
  • Resource groups for employee with disabilities 
  • One-to-one support for employees with disabilities 

The Return: A quarter of the workforce could benefit from an accommodation at work, and more than half would cost nothing. But only about half of these workers receive the support. That adds up to millions of dollars in lost production, thought and innovation. 

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